View Full Version : 6600GT Flicker problem fix?

January 19th 05, 08:25 AM
On a few games my new 6600GT would suffer from flickering and artifacts.
These included FIFA 2005 and Rome Total war.

This was supposed to be fixed with a certain version onwards of the
forceware drivers but they claimed it only should be effecting motherboards
using SIS chipsets. I have an Nforce2 chipset onboard my ABIT NF7S and it
made no difference to my problem. I tried loads of drivers upto version
71.24 with no luck.

So to cut a long story short. After trying many of the BIOS setting changes
e.t.c to no avail. I downloaded the latest nforce Unified drivers for
Windows XP version 5.10.


Et voila problem gone!

All games no flicker at all and all is well with the world. Well my world

I Also downgraded the drivers to 67.03 (7x.xx series seemed to have a
strange TV output sizeing problem) and still no problems.

Just thought I would share this with the group.