View Full Version : MSI NX6600 GT VTD 128MB AGP is this the full card nothing cut out >????

UseNet Person
January 14th 05, 09:40 PM
MSI NX6600 GT VTD 128MB AGP is this the full card nothing cut out

Support Memory

Video Output Function
• TV-out (S-Video Connector)
• DVI Connector
• Video-in (Composite Video)

MSI Part No: MS-8989-02S

GeForce 6600GT Chipset Features
• NVIDIA® CineFX™ 3.0 engine
• 64-bit texture filtering support delivers full-speed, high
dynamic-range (HDR) lighting effects
• Unmatched image quality delivered through new 16x anisotropic
filtering and rotated grid antialiasing
• 4x shadow processing power with NVIDIA® UltraShadow™ II for next
generation games
• Infinite program length allows for a new class of special effects
• Hardware-accelerated MPEG and WMV9 decode delivers smooth,
artifact-free video
• Dedicated video hardware reduces CPU utilization and improves
overall system performance
• On-chip video encoder and motion estimation engine provides fast,
high-quality encoding from TV tuner
• Programmable video engine ensures compatibility with future video
• High-quality video scaling and filtering improves playback quality
at any window size
• Integrated HDTV-output brings content from your desktop to your
high-definition TV
• NVIDIA® ForceWare™ software delivers unmatched features and
rock-solid stability
• High dynamic-range (HDR) rendering
• NVIDIA® UltraShadow™ technology
• NVIDIA® Intellisample™ high-resolution compression technology (HCT)
• NVIDIA® ForceWare™ Unified Driver Architecture(UDA)
• NVIDIA® nView™ multi-display technology
• NVIDIA® Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) 3.0
• On-chip video processor
• 64-bit floating point texture filtering and blending
• Microsoft® DirectX™ 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 support
• OpenGL® 1.5 support
• Superscalar GPU architecture
• 128-bit memory interface with advanced memory control
• Innovative 0.13 micron process technology
• Operating Systems Support Windows® XP / 2000
• Power supply of 350 (and up) watt is highly recommended for system
• Memory Interface: 128-bit
• Fill Rate (billion texels/sec.): 4.0
• Vertices/sec. (Million): 375
• Pixels per clock (peak): 8
• RAMDACs (MHz): 400

From the reviews its a quiet card and thats what i want, and it being
fast also what i want upgrading from a 9600 Pro ? will i see a
difference ?

/ps it seems to be the only 6600 Gt car don the MSI site.

Also is this a VIVO card ???? TV-out (S-Video Connector)
• DVI Connector • Video-in (Composite Video) , is that what a VIVI
card has ??