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January 9th 05, 03:02 AM
What do you mean by "mess up badly"? What does it do? Lock up the


"jankin" > wrote in message
> IN a win2K system on an asus mobo, the nvidia card is running a bios
> of, and I have directX 9.0c installed, and I'm running the
> 6693 drivers. Normal desktop is fine, most games are fine, however -
> occasionally MYST IV - revelation and URU mess up badly. Refresh
> rate doesn't seem to matter (60, 70 or 72 Hz), resolution doesn't
> seem to matter (I normaly run at 1280x1024). The only cure is a cold
> reboot.
> Is there a decent diagnostic program out there that will let me
> troubleshoot this card? Thanks

January 9th 05, 05:43 PM
Make sure the games are patched. You should make sure you have adequate
case ventilation. Do the games support DX7 hardware? If that does not help
try a newer beta driver.


"jankin" > wrote in message
> In article >,
> says...
> > What do you mean by "mess up badly"? What does it do? Lock up the
> > computer?
> In Uru, the scene can break up, or the displayed 3D shapes suddenly
> appear covered (textures replaced) in tiny multicolored
> triangles/rectangles. Areas that should have textures displayed upon
> them appear to be "snowfields" (white), which depending on the
> avatar's movement, may suddently fill in. Colors are severely off.
> In Myst IV, the opening menu fails to show the background graphic or
> the cursor, but does show the hotspots (which work). The computer
> does not lock up, but occasionally I have to have the task manager
> stop the program. Once it has shown this behavior, it will continue
> to show it until I power cycle. So it's something subtle, since
> win2K thinks that all works fine, and dxdiag also reports no
> problems, and the desktop and other programs, including games, azlso
> work fine. Now Uru and Myst IV are claimed to really push the
> envelope of this card, since they insist on dx9 and openGL 1.4 (which
> this card claims to support). This is why I asked for a diagnostic
> utility that would exercise the card to determine if I had hardware
> or software issues. That it is intermittant leans me towards
> hardware, but I need to "prove" that before I junk the card. The ubi
> support site personnel haven't been able to help much either.
> Thanks.