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November 12th 04, 06:42 PM
I used this http://www.nvidia.com/page/support.html . They emailed me back
by the next day! Kudos to Nvidia.


"Lars-Erik ěsterud" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> The newest Nvidia drivers has a great feature that makes you select
> settings for different application (one app looks good with AA, on
> without). And that a great new function.
> BUT why not include color/gamma/brightness settings in the profiles as
> well, so users don't have to use, PowerStrip or other resident
> programs just to adjust this. Asus has this tweaks in their drivers
> (but they have some other bugs). Should be easy to add for Nvidia?
> I know other manufatorers have started to add this to their drivers.
> If Nvidia can't add this, maybe Omega or someone else could do so?
> PS! I'd like to send this question to Nivida, but there are no way
> to ask a question if you don't own a Nvidia hardware product :-(
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