View Full Version : Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 32Mb & Asus P4S533-MX Motherboard

Andy Smith
October 29th 04, 04:44 PM

Can anybody confirm whether a Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 32Mb AGP card work
in the 4x (1.5v only) AGP slot of an Asus P4S533-MX (rev 2.0) motherboard?
Can this video card adjust to 1.5v ??

Many thanks


October 30th 04, 08:10 AM
As far as i know the Geforce 2 GTS chipset will not signal down to 1.5v, the
Hercules 3D Prophet II ULTRA however will signal down to 1.5v. I own both of
those cards, however my GTS was dead by the time i needed a 1.5v only card.
the Ultra worked flawlessly