View Full Version : Quadro FX 500 & Headaches

October 26th 04, 12:00 AM
I have a Quadro FX 500 feeding the current DELL 19" LCD.

Black text on white background is extremely thin so that its difficult to
read anything and headaches are frequent by end of day. I figured it was
the monitor, however, one day I hooked my piece of crap A-Open machine to
the monitor and the text became readable again. No more headaches. To
further support my theory (that its the card), I have the identical monitor
at home connected to a relatively current VAIO (some mid-grade Intel video
controller) and have no problems at all.

Is it possible that my Quadro is set up wrong or is ultra-thin text normal
for this card? Does ultra-thin text indicate a higher quality card?

FWIW, I have tried to use MS ClearType to overcome the thin text but to me,
its blurry, and the edges are colored which is distracting to the eyes.

Any insight or help to make the Nvidia produce readable text is much