View Full Version : 6800 in SFF PC

October 20th 04, 06:33 PM
So I have been looking at replacing my video card in my Biostar IDEQ
200n, I have a Ti4200 in there now that's getting a little long in the

I found one that would be absolutely perfect, but unfortunately it
didn't quite fit :-( It's the Giga-Byte 6800 128mb. The heatsink on
the front side definetely would have allowed me to use the PCI slot
next to it (a necessity for me) but it extends both tall and wide in
the back, making it barely too big to fit. The card is cool though,
and will just go into my other computer, but I was hoping someone else
might have a 6800 fitting in their system with the following

Nvidia 6800
Allows access to PCI slot
Quiet! This is my media pc...

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

October 20th 04, 06:52 PM
A x800pro or pro-vivo would be a much smarter choice. A smaller card that
runs cooler as well.