View Full Version : Video card problem? Or just DirectX or the game?

September 30th 04, 02:53 AM
Hi all,

I have an MSI GeForceFX 5900XT VTD128 card with VIVO installed in my
computer and recently I bought the game "Midnight Nowhere" (Point and click
adventure) and here's my problem......

Well all games before this have ran fine on this card but in "this game"
(mentioned above) whereever there is meant to be something moving on screen
(for example the main character's head and shoulders or moving or movable
things in the game) there appears a lot of graphics corruption which looks
like blocky texture trails behind the thing that's moving (especially
anything that causes smoke I think? although I can see some smoke in the
game okay too which is strange).... like for instance the main characters
head.... I can see right through it sometimes! :( and same goes for anything
the main character moves in the game (e.g. items or people)

Now I tried virtually everything I can think of to sort this problem out but
to no avail! I have latest MSI nVidia drivers installed (v61.77) and DirectX
9.0c and I tried turning off Anti Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering totally
and didn't help..... I tried putting the Hardware Acceleration slider down
one notch at a time too which had about the same effect as a chocolate
fireguard and even caused the game to fail with an error at one point......
I also tried turning all the ingame options (like shadows) off and even
tried using the so called "ATI Radeon compatibility" option (which I assumed
would be futile anyway as I have a GeForce card....and it was futile) and
even that was as useful as spitting in the desert.....

I would ask if anyone also has this game, the same graphics card and the
same problem? has anyone else found a suitable way to fix the problem as the
main website for the game is a Russian site and while it's in English it
doesn't appear to have any reachable help forums or otherwise and a search
on google came up with nothing too...... so if anyone could help shed any
light on this then I'd be grateful! thanks in advance for any help anyone
can give on this....