View Full Version : NF7S R2 BFG 6800U NO BOOT !

Technical I.T. Ltd
September 18th 04, 10:45 AM

Odd problem with my setup. Well I figured time to upgrade my Radeon 8500 so
I got a BFG 6800 Ultra OC. Yeah ok, Doom3 looked pants (and actually crashed
on anything other than minimum settings)!

First of all went into WinXP and removed ATi drivers.

Removed old card, put new card in, connected 2 power leads, one from
seperate line off of PSU with no other devices attached, 2nd shared with DVD
drive ONLY (I have sata power connectors for my 2 sata drives).

Turn PC on, fans spin, immediately shuts down, no beeps nothing !

Turn on again, BIOS default settings, go into BIOS, CPU definately NOT
overheating. Save settings. PC reboots and turns off again !

Argh !

Tried removing power from DVD (in case power issue). Still no go.


NF7-S r2
2x 160gb WD SATA
1 Switech MCP600
Athlon Mobile 2600

2600-M, NF7-S r2, 2x 160gb WD SATA, BFG 6800 U OC, 2 x PC 3500 512mb OCZ EL,
500w Antec PSU, DD RBX, DD Z, HC, Swiftech MCP600.

September 18th 04, 11:25 AM
when I tried my 6800 in my system I got a loud squealing noise, almost
deafening but I discovered that I'd forgot to install a Molex lead but when
I got that sorted then I had no problems. it all ran fine. if your not
getting this sort of warning then I suggest it's either not getting enough
power (but with 500W should be fine) or it's an RMA. try swapping the leads
about and if you have no success then try the helpline for you may have to
return it.


September 18th 04, 08:03 PM
Make sure you have the latest motherboard bios first. With an old card
raise the AGP voltage to 1.7v. Also try a different power supply if
possible. I'm using a 6800GT in a NF7-Sv2 with Antec 430w so your problem
is a bit odd.