View Full Version : FX 5200 PCI Texture Corruption

August 30th 04, 01:36 AM

I've installed a FX5200 PCI card in an older Dell Poweredge server
(1400?). The card installed fine in one the larger slots (i'm guessing
it's a shared pci/isa) but will not succesfully boot windows in either
of the normal sized pci slots. The problem I'm getting is corrupted
textures in most 3D games, such as command and conquer generals.
Flashing black areas/lines appear. I've tried different sets of drivers
but with no luck. I'm thinking it may be due to the onboard graphics
card (an old ATI 2D 4mb card). As far as I can make out there's no way
to disable it in the BIOS or via a jumper. Could this be causing the

Many thanks,


August 31st 04, 05:06 PM
Yeah its possible that it is, look in your device manager in windows
if you can get there. Or if your bios has a setting for "Init display
first" choose PCI or whatever the slot is. Hopefully that helps a

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