View Full Version : Interesting information on MSI FX5900

February 23rd 04, 06:35 PM
Here are my computer specs:
P4 3.7Gig 533MHz FS with 1 Gig 400M/dual channel ram (800Mhz equivalent)

400Watt PS capable of 20Amps on the 3.3V rail

Dual Monitor setup: 21' CRT running at 1600x1200 and 17' Flatpanel display
at 1200x1024

Here is what I tested, I used Aquamark3 for these tests: default settings.

I used the second screen to display the 3.3V monitor and the GPU

The 3.3 V rail runs at 3.29V since I installed the card, not a problem, and
the ambient temp inside
the computer is 42 C.
During the test, the voltage briefly dropped to 3.21V .
The GPU temperature during the benchmark averaged about 62 C during most of
rising to 71C at the massive overdraw. And as others have posted, dropped 10
C right after the test.

I can't imagine how the GPU could ever hit 145 unless the fan is broken.

Ok here is something that is not published. When the card is run as a single
display, I get within 40 points
of the Auqamark3 score on Tom's Hardware guide. With the second display
running, my score was
31 462. I thought you should know what performance hit the second output has
on the card.