View Full Version : Ti200 BIOS flash fixed Win2k boot delay

February 16th 04, 03:08 AM
In case anyone else encounters a several-minute hang while booting,
here's the solution I found--

My family's computer, a P3 1.2GHz with a 64MB MSI GF3 Ti200, developed
an irritating problem where it would hang during bootup for minutes at a
time (2-5 in my experience, but they say it was sometimes as long as
15). After scanning for viruses and removing dozens of items from
startup, I couldn't fix it. Then I tried updating the video driver.
After removing 41.09, it booted right back up. But after installing
53.03, the delay came back.

A 4MB PCI Virge card I had lying around didn't have the problem, even
with the appropriate video drivers isntalled.

So I tried flashing the card's BIOS, with the BIOS here:
(There are newer ones, but they didn't match the TV encoder chip type.)


And, what do you know, it worked! After reinstalling the drivers (since
Windows thought the card had changed), the boot delay went away.

(FWIW: I had to use the -6 option in NVFLASH to override the PCI
subsystem ID, since the reference BIOS uses 0 for generic...)