View Full Version : DVI and 5200

February 14th 04, 02:57 AM
Greetings to all

I have a problem, I can't seem to solve:
New oem computer w/ FX 5200 and Samsung 173T LCD with DVI-D input. I'm not
much into gaming.
Got screen, connected DVI cable LCD to DVI card, LCD says no signal. Blank
Connect VGA card and VGA LCD: works OK.
Connect VGA LCD via adaptor to DVI card: works OK.

Talked to Samsung, claim LCD bad. Got new LCD.

Guess what, still same problem.

Running LCD in native reslotion at 60Hz refresh rate.

Since this is the 2nd LCD with same problem, I have doubts about card.

Any setting issues of card?

Thx for all the help.