View Full Version : nView and/or DualView stupid question time ;^)

Pheasant PluckerŪ
February 13th 04, 04:41 PM
I must be missing something fundamental here...

Installed 53.30 on a Quadro4 980 XGL connected via DVI to Eizo L767 (1st
monitor default) and DVI to Eizo L565 2nd monitor) using 1280 x 1024 32bit
both monitors

Installed DualView & rebooted.

Looking in Device Manager/Monitors I see numerous entries;
Default Monitor
Default Monitor
Default Monitor
Default Monitor
Plug and Play Monitor
Plug and Play Monitor

I have tried uninstalling all of them only to find they are back again after

Also if I right-click on the NVIDIA Settings in the tooltray I see at the
Quadro4 980XGL (Display 3)
Quadro4 980 XGL (Display 1)

What happened to Display 2?

Also - using Excel as an example - how on earth do you drag a full-screen
window from
Monitor 1 to Monitor 2?
If I minimize the Excel window I can drag it and then maximize it but that
lends two steps to what should be a simple drag/drop process.
I don't recall having to do that on an old Matrox G400MAX - I just simply
dragged the window over and that was that...or does my memory fail me?

Secondly still using Excel as an example how do I drag different spreadsheet
windows to Monitor 2?
The only way I can get it to work is if I open two instances of Excel and
then minimize one and then drag it to monitor 2 and then maximize it...phew

For example there are many times when I want to have two spreadsheets open
to either compare or update data from one to the other - isn't there a way
to just open Excel once, open both spreadsheets and then just drag one over
to Monitor 2?

Thanks & regards,