View Full Version : Erazor III Ultra (TNT2 Ultra) DVI problems

Boris Gjenero
January 9th 04, 05:11 PM
I just got a Samsung SyncMaster 213T LCD display.
It's native resolution is 1600x1200 at 60Hz. It works
when connected via analog but I have problems with

If I connect the DVI cable my computer won't boot. It
hangs before the BIOS screen is displayed, probably in
video BIOS initiallization and not even CTRL-ALT-DEL
works there. I think I have the latest BIOS for the
card: 3.05.00.

If I boot with the DVI cable disconnected and then
connect it I can select it using the nVIDIA Detonator
drivers (version but the screen is
corrupt at many resolutions, including the LCD's
native res (1600x1200) It's narrow and folded
horizontally, and duplicated below a certain point
vertically. I've only gotten it to work at 1024x768
and 1280x1024.