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December 14th 03, 03:01 PM
Megashorts wrote:
> What is the EXACT make and model of your video card? I have an Asus V9520
> Video Suite which is based on the FX5200 chipset. Not all FX5200 cards can
> capture video but as far as I know all have a video output.
> My Asus came with a breakout box/splitter thingy that plugs into the card
> between the two DVI sockets. It has composite video in and out plus s-video
> in/out.
> I had to reboot a couple of times before my card's video input was
> recognised. My situation is complicated as I have 2 other video sources on
> my PC, a tv card and a USB webcam.
> Mega
Have the same card and am satisfied with it. Don't do much gaming. How
do you like yours for video capture -- any problems or inadequacies?

December 14th 03, 03:27 PM
I'm very pleased with the quality of the captures. Simply stunning!
Delighted with the software bundle as well. The ASUS VCR program is maybe a
little flakey but I like it especially the video wallpaper option. Power
Director is great once its running! I have to reboot before I use it. Not
quite sure why but as long as I do I'm OK. I find my videos look better if I
capture at higher resolutions and then use Power Director to do the final
edits and rendering.

As for gaming its not too bad, certainly not as bad as some people make out.
I've an XP2000 with 512M running 98SE. Older games are great but some of the
more recent ones need more power than the FX5200 to run at higher detail
levels and resolutions. Rallisport Challenge plays really well but NFSU is
too much for it. I didn't buy it to play games, I wanted quality video
output and capture. Very satisfied.


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