View Full Version : extra monitors that don't exist...

December 14th 03, 06:16 AM
Since installing 53.03, I notice my mouse was a bit slugish. I check my
system settings and notice under monitors there were four listed. My CRt
monitor (viewsonic) and three default monitors. I have one default monitor
hooked up, my TV. But there are two others listed. With windows xp there
is no way to stop it from detecting these ghost monitors.
I've tried unistalling the drivers, rolling them back, etc etc.
Unistalling the extra monitors (of course) and disconecting and reconnecting
my TV. No difference, always ends up listing a total of four mointors.
I was just thinking maybe someone else has run across this and maybe
come up with a way to fix it.
Aside form that weirdness I realy like the new drivers, there seems
to be a real improvement in gameplay.
Thanks for any help.
2600+ xp
512mb ddr sdram (2700)
Win xp (updated)
Fx5200 128mb 53.03