View Full Version : Clone view screwed by 52.16 drivers

November 28th 03, 01:12 PM

i have a Siluro Ti4600 GeForce 4, running on XP. I recently tried to setup a
2nd TV monitor in order to do video editing. Using the old detonator drivers
i was able to get it setup so that video playing back from Windows Media
Player played fullscreen on the TV whilst my monitor maintained its normal

great i thought, i bet this works even better with the latest drivers
(especially as they include increased support for duel monitors!)

no combination will now reproduce what i had going under the old detonator
drivers - clone view doesnt seem to work when the XP settings view both as
monitor 1 (ie when u click identify) and if u get it to recognise them as 1
and 2, the forceware drivers set to duelview. i cant get the full screen
viedo overlay to work at all on the tv.


(i can provide more details if needed)