View Full Version : Can't roll driver version back. Please help

Conrad Baker
November 24th 03, 07:04 PM
I am attempting to roll back my Asus Driver version from v45.23 to v31.40,
however if I uninstall v45 reboot then install v31 when I try to go into the
'settings' tab of display property funny coloured lines appear at the top of
the screen and the PC locks up. I have to reboot to safe mode and reinstall
v45. Additionally, during the reboot of the system after having uninstalled
v45, I get a message saying that my soundcard, a Soundblaster PCI-512,
cannot initialize as there is no maths coprocessor. Whats that all about?

All I want to do is have the stereo picture viewer back. Can I do this
without rolling the drivers back anyway?

System Spec
AMD XP2200
ECS K7s5a motherboard
Asus V8440 deluxe (geforce4 ti440)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Conrad Baker