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David Braue
November 20th 03, 06:48 AM

I'm hoping someone might have an idea how to resolve a problem I'm having
capturing video in VirtualDub using the nVidia WDM capture driver on my ASUS
FX 5600 Video Studio card.
The first time I ran VirtualDub after installing the driver, it recognized
the WDM driver without a problem and set up for the capture. But I had to do
a hard reset due to something else dying on me. Since the system rebooted, I
get the following message whenever I try to get VirtualDub to use the nVidia
WDM driver:

"You cannot use this device when another video application, such as DVD,
video conferencing, video editing, TV viewers, or WebTV for Windows is
already using it. To use this device for your current application, close the
application that is using it. If WebTV is installed and running on your
system, pause the "WebTV video and data services" on the taskbar tray by
right-clicking its icon and choosing "Pause Services".

Needless to say, I am not running WebTV or any other capture software for
that matter. Any other capture program I try - for example, Windows Movie
Maker 2, Ulead MovieFactory - has no problem recognizing the driver. But, of
course, none of them let me capture to AVI and do the things that VirtualDub

Has anybody else gotten this problem? I would welcome any direction or


November 21st 03, 02:23 PM
On Thu, 20 Nov 2003 16:48:18 +1100 "David Braue" >
meeped :

>Has anybody else gotten this problem? I would welcome any direction or

I found that the only way to stop this error message was to run (and then
immediately close) AMCAP ( a crappy little microsoft capture program) before
going into Vdubs capture mode.