View Full Version : 5x.xx dets and PAL tv-out, wrong aspect ratio?

Jake McLain
October 20th 03, 10:13 AM
When I use the (beta) detonators of the 5x.xx series I have a tiny TV-out
problem. When using 720x576 resolution (native PAL), the aspect ratio on the
TV is slightly wrong (too wide). Easy test: place a picture of a 300x300
circle on your
desktop/tv-out (I use clone-mode).

I use: WinXP, GF4MX440 any 5x.xx driver and a PAL tv via S-video out.

Does anybody else have this, or is it just me?

I know 720x576 is not a 4:3 resolution, but that does not matter, because it
is the native PAL resolution (and therefore has the best image quality and a
correct aspect ratio on the TV). If the aspect ratio of 720x576 were the
issue, I think the image displayed would have been too narrow (since 1.25:1
is smaller than 1.33:1). The fact that the drivers have compensate for the
aspect ratio probably does have _something_ to do with it.

The 45.23 (and earlier) do not have this problem, but these drivers have a
problem with displaying DVD-movies: when the TV-out is set to 720x576, the
image is cropped at the left side (and the bottom).
This is fixed with 5x.xx dets, but another 'problem' returned.

I tried 51.75, 52.13 and 51.16; I completely removed the previous drivers.