View Full Version : MSI FX5200 Personal Cinema driver problems

September 15th 03, 10:31 AM
I installed the drivers that came with the CD-ROM and everything worked out
In the manuals it says that you need to install everything at the same time,
so I did that.
The remote control that comes with the graphics card was recognised

Due to problems with a particular game, I upgraded the drivers to a later
version (44.03 if I 'm not mistaken).
As soon as that happened, NVAREM.EXE kept crashing at startup, causing a Dr.
Watson crashdump (access violation 0xc0000005).
Even deinstalling those drivers and reinstalling the original drivers from
CD-ROM does not seem to fix the problem.
Does anyone know how to solve this without reinstalling the OS ?
It seems unreasonable to me to presume that one could never update the
drivers, as new drivers will be needed at some time.