View Full Version : geforce mx 400 clone mode / subtitle not displayed on TV

September 9th 03, 05:46 PM
Hi every body,

I have a GeForce2 MX 400 with TV out
I have the latest nvidia FX Detonator driver under Win XP Pro
I am using latest BSPlayer v0.86 build 501

I am trying in Clone mode with overlay set to secondary display (TV)
to watch a DivX or XVid with subtitle.

It shows subtitle on the monitor but not on the TV !

I have set the following BSPlayer settings :
- General or Video : Overlay mode 2 + draw OSD messages on overlay
- Subtitle : "Draw subt on overlay surface"

In Overlay Mode 1, it displays the subtitle on TV but only on the
movie surface and I cannot move it on the black horizontal bars
because it disappear under the bar !!

do you have any idea ?

I have tried also with ffdshow but not working !