View Full Version : Advice wanted in problem w/Visiontek TI4600

Angel and Garth
September 9th 03, 02:46 AM
Approximately 2 and a half months ago, my Visiontek TI4600 video card
unexpectedly and catastrophically failed (while playing GTA3-Vice City). I
couldn't even get it to POST, so I brought it to a shop where the problem
was determined unequivocally to be a failure on the part of the video card
itself- The tower ran perfectly well when another card was substituted for
the TI4600. While I was extremely disappointed that a video card used
exactly according to instructions (ie, never OCed) would fail, I at least
took solace in the fact that I had purchased a Visiontek card, since
Visiontek cards boasted a lifetime warranty. The card had been bleeding edge
when I had purchased it for a then-staggering price for a video card, and
indeed, production had been so hurried that my retail box did not even
include a DVI cable. It had now been about 6 months since the initial
purchase, but it was still a relatively powerful card and I had, after all,
invested what I consider to be a tidy sum in its purchase, so I was eager to
send it to the RMA department to see if they could fix or replace it.

I followed all the RMA instructions to the letter. I tracked the package's
arrival as having taken place on July 11th at 10:10AM. On 8/6/03, having had
no word from the RMA department, I contacted Visiontek via email and was
told that the card had indeed failed testing and would be replaced. However,
it was on 'back-order' and would take perhaps an additional week for me to
receive the replacement. In subsequent weeks, I contacted the RMA department
several additional times, only to be told that they were still awaiting a
nebulous shipment (in 'a week or so'). On two occasions, I was told I would
be contacted with further details, but despite supplying both my e-mail
address and phone number, I was never called back, nor was I e-mailed.

It is now September 8th. I have been without the use of my computer for well
over two full months, and for the vast majority of that time, Visiontek has
been in possession of the defective card. I am growing increasingly
dissatisfied with the entire situation and I am sincerely interested in
Visiontek making a sincere effort to address the issue earnestly as soon as
possible. What recourse do I have? I've emailed all the contact addresses
available on the Visiontek site. I can't get into the forums because, as I
was informed, 'the forums are only for the ATI customer base'. I'm waiting
on the most recent tech I spoke to for some sort of further correspondence,
but I've been in the exact same position before (probably with the same
tech- It was only this time that I bothered to get a name). Since VTek now
manufactures ATI cards only, I thought a proposal to send me an ATI card
instead was reasonable, given the incredible delay thus far. However, I was
told it would cost me $300 for the 'upgrade process'.... Not that it
mattered, because I was told they didn't even have 9800s in stock either.

Can anyone suggest anything else potentially useful? Contact info for
someone who actually might get something accomplished at Visiontek would be
wonderful, of course- I'm just looking to get my PC back in operation
without having to shell out for a whole new card when my old one was still
decent and never should have failed to begin with.