View Full Version : No TV-Out after Detonator 45.23 Installation

September 7th 03, 02:18 PM

I'm using a Hercules GeForce GTS 2 video card on Win XP Pro SP1, with a
TV-out. Since I have installed nVidia Detonator 45.23, I no longer have the
monitor selection
in the Display properties, and the TV out options (enlarge Windows desktop,

I reinstalled the nVidia detonator drivers, and the official Hercules
drivers (40.41) :
none of them worked.

The Hercules website says that, in order to enable the TV out, one may
disconnect the monitor and reboot, to force the card initialize the
TV-out. I tried unsuccessfully...

I would be very grateful for any idea since I really need the TV-out.

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