View Full Version : Ti 4200 S-Video out flicker

August 22nd 03, 03:37 PM
Sending S-Video to my Sony TRV-25 miniDV camera | from my Gainward 128 Ti
4200 w/ CloneView | using the yellow S-Video output.

Getting annoying flicker on the LCD of the camera. No such flicker with
composite signal, but composite signals flatten my pixels beyond acceptable

Flicker plays on recorded material on the miniDV tape, using regular
monitors, even with other decks -- so it's not exclusive to the camera's
LCD. It's real.

I've tried TV-Tool6.5 and its anti-flicker sliders did nothing.

Is there a way to reduce this flicker via S-Video? This material is for
broadcast, so I need the crispness of S-Video, rather than RCA.

Alternatively, could I send a signal via FireWire instead of S-Video, using