View Full Version : Re: Boot computer using TV as monitor

Dean Cleaver
August 18th 03, 12:11 AM

I only have a TNT2, but my server always boots to TV only - I just think you
can't have a VGA monitor plugged in at the same time.


"Michael Skuczas" > wrote in message
> I have a Visiontek GeForce 3 card that has a svideo out on it. Is there a
> way I can setup that will let me bootup and use the computer with only a
> I have Win 98 SE and a 1 GHz Athlon and 384 MB of memory.
> Mike Skuczas

Martin Eriksson
August 18th 03, 09:38 AM
"Ken" > wrote in message
> I too, have the TNT2 64. It has S-Video and Composite outputs but you
> have your monitor hooked up if you want to use them. Plug the TV in, pull
> the monitor plug and reboot.

I have a linux server with a TNT (1) connected to my TV... works fine.
Automatically selects TV mode at boot.