View Full Version : 45.23 Drivers solved some issues with my FX card

Naked Women
August 16th 03, 05:33 AM
Geforce FX v9900 5800 none ultra = new card, any ways. I was running
the the 44.03 drivers, now I am
running 45.23 drivers, they seem much more stable now in Windows Me, see
my post on 08-12-03 in this forum.
I LOVE THIS CARD, Thank you NVIDIA for now, for better drivers. : ) My
3dmark scores went up with this card,. I
used a Asus Geforce 4 v9280 Ti4200 8x .. since I upgraded to the new FX
card my score in 3dmark 2001 went up.
Running an Intel Pentium 4 2.66 533fsb, Keep up the good work NVIDIA,.
45.23 seem much better...