View Full Version : My New Asus Geforce FX v9900 5800 My exp.

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August 12th 03, 04:43 PM
Just purchased.. I have had it for a about 3 weeks now. First of
all I did try an Ati 9800 none ultra card.. I didn't like the results I
got on a few things, so I took it back to the local store, it seems like
a nice card, I didn't give it my whole test, sorry but I had to try it.
I currently own and have in systems, Asus Geforce 3 v8200 T2 Ti200 and
Asus Geforce 4 v9280 Ti4200 8x - and now I am trying the Asus Geforce FX
v9900 5800 none ultra card. I am a 3dfx owner as well I have all the
Voodoo cards from the voodoo rush to Voodoo 3's 4's and 5's .. I loved
them, very stable drivers.. I think I have alot of experience in time.
I build all my systems.. I have really like the Geforce 2's and 3's and
4's .. NICE! I was hesitant to switch to the Geforce cards from my
great experience with the 3dfx Voodoo cards.. Geforces have been
I dicided to keep this FX card, but I was this close to returning
it.. the drivers that came with the retail card were not very stable in
my opionion.
Until I recently installed the latest Detonator drivers 44.03 and
Directx 9.0b, now the stability have gotten better. So so far so good, I
do like the card. It runs a bit hot, but I have a nice Lian li case, it
helps... heres my system config
But keep in mind that the Stability problem that I have seems to
be confined to Windows 98se or Windows Me.. I don't expect a whole lot
from these Operating systems on this board, I still use them. Windows Xp
Pro sp1 seems to very stable with the new FX card. same with Windows pro
2000 sp4.
Any tips for my problem with win98se or winME, please speak up, I know
there old. I love the card. I just hope they improve on there drivers..

Intel Pentium 4 Processor (Northwood) 2.66GHz, 533MHz FSB, Socket 478
Asus p4pe - black pearl
Corsair CMX512 3200C2PT 512MB DDR400 PC3200 XMS Memory
Geforce FX v9900 5800 none ultra
Western Digital drives
Os systems I use:
windows 98se
windwos me
windows xp pro sp1
windows 2000 pro sp4