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August 12th 03, 02:28 PM
My MSI FX5900 has been great too.
100% stable, no problems at all.

Have you ever checked your gpu temp realtime. Maybe run a game in windowed
mode with the temp monitor running beside it. I used to think 56C was the
highest my temps got, but when I did this, I was amazed to see it hit 70C.
It only takes 2 seconds after quitting a game for the temp to drop about
However, even 70C has been no problem since it's 100% stable. Apparently
even upto 90C is no problem.

"T1000" > wrote in message
> Just installed my Albatron fx5900 (128meg) and gotta say that this card
> absolutely rocks.
> A few mates have bought ATI cards from the 9700 all the way through to the
> 9800pro and have had many varied problems and mixed experiences with
> but still scoffed when I told them I went Nvidia again... but in my
> you simply cannot beat nvidia for stability and compatibility.
> The card runs sweet at 1280x1024 in Rainbow 6 Raven shield, GTA3 VC,
> Vietcong etc with all the eye-candy on AA etc. It runs 1280 with all the
> frills much better than my old GF4 ti4400 ran at 1024 with no AA etc.
> The card is nice and cool.. 46c is the hottest it has gotten during a
> 3dmark 2001 session for 30 mins.. so tomorrow it will be coolbits and an
> overclock to a fx5900 ultra core speed of 450mhz.
> The ALbatron is pretty cool as the cooling solution is two large fans
> running at low speed which helps keep noise down.. and there are no vents
> accentuate the fan noise. There is a 3rd fan that only kicks in when one
> the others is on the blink.. and it works coz I stopped a fan with my
> and the backup kicked in straight away.
> The only drama I had was that due to the placement of the molex power
> connector on the card, I had to move a HDD down out of the way to make
> there was no pressure on the edge of the card.. will need a longer
> rounded) IDE cable to get the job done properly.
> THought I'd share.. screw the ATI solution, I remain a dedicated Nvidia
> fanboy for another round.
> C