View Full Version : Geforce 4 and Midnight Club 2

Bob Grabowski
August 12th 03, 12:42 AM
Has anyone been able to get Midnight Club 2 working properly with the
Geforce 4 and the latest drivers? When I play the game, in some of
the races, it crashes me back to the Windows 98 desktop ( usually when
I'm ahead!)

August 13th 03, 12:21 AM
In article <qB5_a.126814$o%[email protected]>, said...
> I have an FX5900 Ultra and my problem with Midnight Club II is it keeps
> scrolling through the options menu, the only way to stop it is by holding
> down the right arrow key. I eventually get everything set but it is a pain
> in the Butt. Anyone else experience this and if so how did you fix it?
Got a joystick/game controller connected? Odds are its not centred (ie
requires calibration).