View Full Version : Re: Apollo GeforceFX 5600 keeps crashing in Jedi Outcast and RTCW

August 8th 03, 05:51 PM
I've RMAed the Video card and replaced it with a Gainward fx5600 and I'm
having the same error so it doesn't look like it's a bad video card. I've
got a 300W PS. Could that be an issue?

"Dennis" > wrote in message
Thats strange, I have the same problem but only occasionaly, 2-3 times a
week with my GeFX 5200. I play SWG and it will crash with the same Visual
C++ runtime library error. Only seems to have started with SWG. I am using
DX9a my ssytem is : GeFx5200 128 (64bw) p4-1.8 , 768 mgbr 100gb with 60%
free. My Mobo is the Asus p4-b as well.

"James" > wrote in message news:[email protected]
> I just got an Apollo GeforceFX 5600. For some reason just after a minute
> so I get an error on Jedi Outcast:
> MS Visual C++ Runtime Library
> Runtime Error!
> Program ... jk2sp.exe
> Abnormal Program Termination.
> I click OK. and the program closes to the desktop.
> After a few minutes of playing Retrun to Castle Wolfenstien I get an error
> and booted back to the desktop.
> I've updated the BIOS on my Mobo, Formated and reinstalled WinXP,
> the lasted chipset drives as well as installed the 44.03 and 45.20
> drvies for the video card. Nothing helped. I pull out the FX5600 and
> install my old Geforce2 mx200, and everything runs fine.
> I can play Unreal tournament for an hour and get no errors. Same for
> Half-Life.
> Any Suggestion? Do I just have a bum video card?
> Mobo: FIC AZ11E
> CPU: AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz
> Sound: Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
> Memory 512MB PC100