View Full Version : Geforce FX 5200 will not play my DVDs

August 8th 03, 05:16 AM

I recently purchased a new PC with a Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 video
card. I'm running Windows XP Pro. There is also a combo dvd drive
installed. Anyway, I'm unable to play dvds. The nvidia driver version
is I get different error messages based on the type of dvd
player software i use. It's either a region code error, or a disc is
damaged cannot playback dvd, or a tv-out port error message. I am not
trying to play dvds through my tv. I just want to watch dvds on my
monitor using my pc!

I'm using windvd, powerdvd, nvdvd, sonic, interactual dvd player
software. None of these work!

How can I fix this problem?