View Full Version : Video Card Suggestion for A7V?!?!

August 2nd 03, 05:29 PM
My current system:

A7V rev. 1.02
TB 950 w/ 392 Megs PC133
Win2k/Win98 Dual Boot
TNT 2 32megs

My loyal TNT 2 has performed admirably the last 3 yrs, especially with
a decent overclock support to help me play even new games on a lower
resolution. I do find this year though that some games are coming out
that will not run at all on this card.

I am on a budget and upgrading the mobo, cpu and memory is not an
option. I am willing to spend upwards of $150US for a decent video
card that will keep my current processor gaming for another year or
two but allow for it to be transposed onto a new system. Any
recmommendations for my TB950 system? Can I run an AGP8X card on this