View Full Version : GE Force 4 Ti4200 freeze under XP

Jerome Bertrand
July 30th 03, 10:56 AM
Hi all,

I have a dual screen which works fine until last week. Since then, the
following appears:
- Left or right screen will froze for a certain time, then goes black and
then being display again.
- A black "flahsh" appears from time to time ?
- Windows dont redraw properly i.e. only refreshed part are redrawn
- It seems that windows Media player 9 make the screen froze in windowed
mode but not in full screen when playing music and grpahics displayed
- If I switch between mono and dual screen then system hang, then will
reboot and record a problem in the event (The driver nv4_disp for the
display device \Device\Video1 got stuck in a infite loop. ... ).
- My background pictures have got some "transparent" pixels i.e I can
see the color off the desktop behind it what ever picture I used.
- If I switch betwen color quality then system goes mad and do not
display any icons properly afterwoods.

It seems that the system is more stable in mono screen than in dual screen.
I have the folliwng ideas can anybody confirm or infirm
- Maybe the video card is dying slowly
- The video memory card has got some bank destroyed

I have re installed the system from scratch but still the same problem. I
tried old drivers and latest one form Asus or from NVidai same problem.

Anyone can help ?

Here is my spec
AMD 2400+
RAM 512Mb
Power supply 300Watt
Windows XP Pro + SP1 and all updates installed
Video GeForce 4 ti4200 128Mb from Asus (6-7 months old)
Drivers NVidia 43.45
Sound Creative SB Live