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3D - UVC
July 22nd 03, 10:20 AM

my system:
p4 2.4Ghz, 800Mgz, overclocked to 3Ghz (250Mhz fsb) on a Asus p4p800, 1008
1Gb ram in dual 400Mhz channel.
cpu is rock solid...
Win XP+ sp2 (1213)

my problem:

i've an abit 4280 otes, randomly the color palette is "lost" and all the
color on my desktop become really "strange", sometime the videosignal is
completely lost and i've a black creen, even the system dosn't hang (the
system still is working and running with video darkned).

the problem is more frequent when i use 3d apps.

i'm using 40.72 modified driver + nvstrap driver (i need softquadro).

videocard is not overclocked.

any suggestion?



July 23rd 03, 01:10 PM
Are you overclocking your PCI/AGP Bus? There is an option to lock it at 66/33!