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July 19th 03, 10:01 PM
Not necessarily. The first thing to try is to remove the card from the PC.
Inspect it for damage that you can see physically. If you can not see any
damage take a common pencil eraser and use this to clean the leads of the
card 'gently' and then blow away the loose pencil dust particles, reinsert
the card and try again to see if all is well. Also, what is the rating of
your power supply in watts.


"Ina" > wrote in message
> I have a Leadtek Winfast Geforce 4 Ti 4200 128DDR 8x AGP. It was
> alright for about a month and now quite often the screen pixelates and
> my comp freezes. I have tried everything. At the moment I have
> uninstalled all the nvidia and winfast software and so far so good. Is
> the video card dodgy??