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July 12th 03, 04:53 PM
Dell posted a new version of the GeForce2 Go drivers the other day,
and notified me. I installed them, and both problems disappeared.
Therefore, the screen blackout is not a Windows problem but a video
driver problem.
As for the Quick Tweak icon, it no longe appears on startup. As I
mentioned, I unchecked the box everywhere it could be found includding
in the Display Properties. It always was checked again when I
re-booted. Also a known problems according to the Dell web page.

On Wed, 21 May 2003 16:19:40 GMT, "Thomas Andrén"
> wrote:

> skrev i meddelandet
>> I am running WinXP Pro on a Dell Inspiron 8100 with a GeForce2 Go
>> adapter- 32 MB- Bios version 3.11.0113. I don't use the laptop for
>> games. The driver version was recently upgraded to . Since
>> then, after logging on, there is a LONG screen blackout (video mode
>> change?) after the desktop first starts to paint. It then returns to a
>> normal video mode perhaps 10 seconds later and and finishes painting
>> the dektop.
>> But even more annoying, a thing called the NVIDEA Quick Tweak Icon
>> keeps appearing in the taskbar on startup. I found the nView Desktop
>> Manager in Control Panel and continually uncheck the box "Show Desktop
>> Quick Tweak Icon", and it unloads, but shows up again after rebooting.
>> Some insight/help with these problems please.
>> thanks,
>> ---Dave Krasnow
>> the(dot)kraz(at)comcast(dot)net
>Someone said that screen blackout is caused by some of the latest files from
>Windows Update, i have the same problem on my laptop, it goes blank 2-3 sec
>not a big problem for me but.. Maybe never graphic drivers fixes that
>problem but i havent tried that yet. If you have the latest driver from Dell
>and it doesent fix your problem, try never modified Detonator drivers
>instead: www.cybercookie.net
>Disable Quick Tweak Icon: (I do not have a EN OS, but you should find it
>anyway) Open screen properties and click on "Settings", "Advanced",
>"Geforce4 xxxx", "Other options", "Desktop tools" and uncheck "Show Quick
>Tweak Icon in systray", or something similar.
>/Thomas A/

---Dave Krasnow