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July 10th 03, 02:58 PM
you might try going to settings / display / advanced /adapter & select the
list all modes button and specifically select 1280 x1024 32 bit 60 hz and
see if that works. I run into a simular problem if I have "allow all rates"
option checked under the monitor tab as then switching from 1024x 768 at
100hz to 1280 x 1024 it tries to keep the 100 setting instead of dropping to
85 which is my monitors spec recomendation.
Hope it helps
Just Jess

"onechanceo0o" > wrote in message
> I recently have been experiencing problems with setting the resolution
> on my desktop for Windows XP. The manufacturer recommended resolution
> for my Viewsonic monitor is 1280x1024 @60hz 32-bit. I have been
> running at this resolution for about 4 months up until now, heres how
> the problem started:
> I recently bought a second 80GB hard drive for my computer, and
> decided to wipe the slate clean, and have a full NTFS (Windows XP)
> partition on the master drive and a 50/50 split between Linux Redhat 9
> and an NTFS storage partition on the slave drive. I am dual booting
> to Linux using windows boot.ini. Everything went fine on the OS
> installations.
> When i'm in linux no prob @ 1280x1024. In XP with no nvidia video
> drivers loaded i can run @ 1280x1024. As soon as i install the
> detonator drivers (40.72 came w/ card) in XP and up the resolution the
> screen goes blank and system hangs, does not go back to previous
> setting after 15 seconds like supposed to. Tried new drivers off
> nvidia site, same problem. I can only run at 1024x768 max w/ both old
> & new drivers.
> Is this a directX problem? A driver problem? mobo or video Bios
> problem? ServicePack problem? In what order do i install drivers, XP
> updates, Service Packs?
> I have always kept up to date on mobo bios updates and video driver
> updates. Is it possible that the newer detonator drivers updated my
> video bios wrong? i can't seem to fix even after a clean install.
> Asus A7N8X dlx rev 1.04 (Bios 1004)
> 2x 80GB Maxtor 60Y080L0
> GeForce4 ti4200 128mb
> Viewsonic VG700 LCD
> Windows XP Home
> Sorry for the long post. seen other similar posts for this problem
> with no real solution. any suggestions please. this is driving me
> nuts because it has never been a problem before.
> thanks
> -AJ