View Full Version : Gainward s-video out = hot color flicker

July 4th 03, 02:26 AM
I have a Gainward Ti4200 128MB Golden Sample and I use S-video to my
Sony TRV-25 miniDV camera and record myself playing Vice City from my
PC. I want to air this as a segment on my public access television

As I "capture" (import) the miniDV footage it plays well on the
monitors, very crisp and accurate. However, the resulting clip has
bad flicker on color hotspots, like there are two layers of color with
every frame -- the good accurate color and the extra-hot color...
flicker flicker. Very annoying, because the footage looks good on
playback from the miniDV tape.

Also, when the tape is played back under normal broadcast conditions
(with TBC etc.) there is the same phenomenon, with the hot spot
flickering all over the picture.

I can apply some sub-pixel anti-aliasing in post (edit) but it blurs
it out.

Are there some settings on the Gainward / NVidia "clone" output that
would improve or interlace the picture to the camera? I know I'm
close on this, but I can't find any more settings. My regular
antialising is set to 4x on the Gainward, but someone mentioned the
Quincunx or something like that. I couldn't see such a feature on my
Gainward Ti4200.