View Full Version : second monitor problems

Ian Hovell
July 1st 03, 02:17 PM
Hi all,
Recently I bought a LG CDRW/DVD-rom combo drive. I would like to play
dvd films on a television that only has rf coaxial input. I have a
Nvidia Gforce4 MX 440 video board which gives me s-video and rca video
output and a
Genius sound board that gives me sound. Using a composite cable I can
hook up a TV with rca inputs and play films etc. But it is a little
more difficult using an older TV with only rf input. I have tried a rf
modulator which is supposed to take the composite signal and modulate
it onto a radio freq. suitable for the TV. Using this I can only get
sound and the screen is either black and white short streaks or red
and blue. I have the idea that the signal coming from the dvd and
hence the video board is nstc and not pal-m. My other idea is that the
picture is being blocked by macrovision circuitry. Can someone shed
some light on my problem. The bios reported by nvidia is
and it does not seem to recognise the second monitor(the old TV)

Any help at all would be extremely welcome.