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Ron Merts
July 1st 03, 08:05 AM
Definitely the 5600 Ultra, make sure uses the flipchip (or V2.0) GPU and you
will get much better performance. There is a review of the Prolink
PixelView FX5600 256Mb Golden Limited
(http://content.guru3d.com/article.php?cat=review&id=47) that looks
promising. Prolink has three 256Mb models and two 128Mb models and their
use of faster memory than spec'd gives this 256Mb model some really nice
performance. They benchmarked it on an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU and an
Albatron KX400-8X motherboard with 512Mb of DDR333 memory so the performance
should only get better if you have a faster CPU - nice to see someone doing
a benchmark with "realistic hardware" that's VERY mainstream or even a few
months off the bleeding edge; gives people a reasonable expectation of the
product under review IMHO.


P.S. This is a 5600 Ultra GPU with 256Mb of memory, but you should expect
similar results at up to 1280X1024 resolution with oinly 128Mb of video

"Fishstick" > wrote in message
> Hi ppl
> I'm thinking about upgrading my computer with a new 3d card. Which one of
> these do you recommend?
> GeforceFX 5600Ultra 128MB
> GeforceFX 5600 256MB
> They are in the same priceclass.
> Thanks
> //Fishstick