View Full Version : Re: Faulty card?

Ron Merts
July 1st 03, 07:55 AM
It's possible that there is enough heat being generated but I'd look at the
power supply. You probably want something 350W or bigger, preferrably
400-450W. If your P.S. is getting flaky it can cause strange video or other
problems as well.


"Rob Lee" > wrote in message
> > > This seems like an overheating problem to me, but the whole reason why
> > > bought the OTES card is because it has this huge cooling system on it,
> and
> > > it's worked fine for months. Has the card just suddenly died?
> >
> >
> > To me it seems the same... Is the fan still turning on the videocard?
> > about the temperature of Your CPU? Overheating of the CPU can give about
> the
> > same symptoms. Did You measure both temps?
> > If all this is OK, I wouldn't know how to help You I'm afraid. You could
> try
> > putting Your videocard in another computer and test Your mobo with an
> > PCI card.
> I've tried another card (a GF2 MX) in the machine and it works fine. The
> isn't getting any hotter than it has done for ages (about 50 deg C under
> load), and the fan on the card is still working. I'll see if I can send
> card back.
> Thanks for your help