View Full Version : Re: geforce 4 & msi k7t266 pro2

Daniel Crichton
June 30th 03, 09:46 AM
flubba > wrote:
> system specs:
> xp pro.
> video card is aopen geforce 4 ti 4200 with 8x agp 128 ddr <--(this
> is about a month old)
> m/b is an msi k7t266 pro 2
> 512 ddr ram
> amd xp 1700 is the processor
> i went to amd's website and d/l-install the appropriate agp drivers
> (required/recommended for 2000pro + xp), THEN install my video card
> drivers (the most recent drivers from geforce's website).
> also, checked my mobo manufacturer's site for a VIA chipset driver and
> updated the driver.
> now, i did all of this and the system's still really unstable.
> 3dmark03 crashes it almost every time. the screen doesn't look very
> good either. i've played with my bios settings as per the forums at
> amd, and updated the bios as well.
> i've found that there are some hardware issues with these 2, m/b and
> video card, on amd's forums, and am thinking of returning it back to
> the store. btw, system posts every time. some ascii characters after
> the beep. i think it's a drivers issue as the card seems to run
> better with xp's drivers.

If there are some ASCII characters after the beep, then I'd suggest that the
card is faulty. If this is really at the POST screen then there is no XP
driver issue here. Also what power supply do you have?

I have the older version of your board (MS 6380 K7T266Pro) running the
latest BIOS and an XP2000+, and a Leadtek A250 LE TD GF 4 Ti4200 128MB 4x
AGP, and have had zero problems (I used to have an MSI GF3Ti200 in the
machine, had problems at boot sometimes until I replaced the FSP 250W PSU
that came in the PC with a 350W Enermax unit, and I'm still using the same
PSU now). I'm currently using the 4.45 Hyperion drivers from
www.viaarena.com as these appear to be very stable. An 8x card should cause
no problems (as it will just run at 4x), and I've run both XP and W2K on
this setup and 3DMark2001SE and 3DMark2003 run fine (although I only tried
them to see what all the fuss was about, I won't be bothering reinstalling
now I've replaced my hard disk).