View Full Version : Prob updating WinFast drivers on GF3 Ti200

June 28th 03, 02:42 PM
I have a GeForce3 Ti200 running WinFast drivers on XP. I am attempting to
update the drivers to the latest WinFast version, but am not having much
success as the current drivers are not being fully removed during the update
process. I think this is causing the fatal error that I receive near the end
of the update process (I also think the few system restores I did after the
few attempts I've made have not helped my cause either). What is the best
way to *fully* remove the current WinFast drivers from my hard disk/registry
in order to ensure cleanskin installation of the new drivers? Add/Remove
option doesn't work as it too errors during the uninstallation process.

Any help gratefully appreciated