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Black Bird
June 26th 03, 01:13 PM
(T) wrote in message >...
> I am long over due for video card up grade (running an ATI Xpert
> 2000). It seems the GeForce FX 5600 will do the trick too! However, I
> wanted to ask you experts some questions before taking the plunge.
> 1. What is the difference between the different makers of the GeForce
> cards? For example, I see on pricewatch the GeForce FX 5600 256MB DDR
> is listed for about $160 but made by Prolink and Gainward. Are those
> cards crap? I'd love to spend only $160- on the card but not if it's
> junk...
> 2. Any idea of what kind of performace I can expect from this card
> with my current system? I know this is kinda a vague questions but I
> figure you guys could see if I'm incompatible/insufficient somewhere
> in my system. Here's a basic list of specs:
> 1.4 GHz AMD Athlon 1600 XP
> SiSŪ 735 System Chipset
> 1 4x AGP port
> 256MB DDR
> I'm choosing the 5600 because of its great performance and because
> it's nVidia. No, I'm not a loyalist, but nVidia has a MUCH better
> reputation when it comes to Linux. I'm a little concerned that my AGP
> is only 4x while the card can do 8x. I've heard there isn't that much
> of a difference, but what do you guys think? Any other things I
> should be aware of before I buy this card?
> TIA!!

Well I would suggest getting the card except I'm unable to get the
full 256MB to display in DirectX or "device manager". I've downloaded
every driver chipset driver "NVIDIA" and the Evga display
driver. It always shows as 128MB of local video ram. Other than that
its fast. I noticed that you have a 4X AGP port. This card will work
on that but you won't be getting the full speed of the card because
its an 8X AGP card. Let me know what you decide.

The Bird