View Full Version : Re: Visiontek Xtasy Ti4600 drivers and 3Dmark 2001

Tom Joyce
June 25th 03, 11:16 PM
On Thu, 26 Jun 2003 04:35:28 +1000, "Blaedmon" > wrote:

Thanks for your reply Blaedmon.

>Its somethig in your syetem, not the card, as youve probably surmised
>yourself. An issue could be a number of thigs, so heres a small checklist
>you could...check:
>1. dx9 re-install it.
>2. check you have no device irq conflicts - especially with both your gfx
>card or soundcard. The latter is especially something to check. Try to have
>it sharing with nothing. To release a few irq's which are probably being
>wasted, turn off your serial/printer irq's (should be configurable in bios).
>3. a previous device driver is fubaring around. Go to 3dguru.com and grab
>the proggy which removes all traces of nvidia drivers. Then reinstall the
>4. heat. gf4 generates more heat than gf3 - check out the fan the *******
>has on it ;) I'm no expert, but it could be that your chipset (northbridge)
>is overheating due to the demands the card puts on it. Mine can cook eggs.
>5. check your soundcards accelerated features. turn it down 1 notch.
>Sometimes this fixes driver irq hogging. Worth a try.

I ran 3Dmark again with no PCI cards and re-installed DX9. With the
version of 30.82 downloaded from Visiontek's web site the result was 9441
marks but there are still artifacts in the 'nature' test. 'Nasty File
Remover' didn't find anything.

There are no obvious device conflicts (most devices happily sharing IRQ9
under ACPI) and the GF4 heatsink never got more than warm; maybe it's not
in proper contact? If I can remove the fan/heatsink without damaging the
plastic clips I'll apply some AS3 which I did months back with the

The tests from 10 onwards run OK with the later drivers so maybe that also
supports the overheating theory.