View Full Version : Re: New Ti500 Just Displays Stripey Patterns

June 25th 03, 11:43 AM
Well, I have progressed but still not perfect........ Anybody with
any solutions (aside from the obvious one of leaving it running)?

Now from a cold start when I turn it on one of three things will
happen a) long beep followed by two short beeps i.e. video problem b)
only get stripes or c) works OK straight away.

If a) or b) I turn it straight off, wait a few secs and turn it back
on again and invariably it will then work. If it doesn't then on the
third try it does. Once it is working it is fine - hasn't caused any
freezes or BSOD or anything. Admittedly I haven't been pushing it
hard though have run it through 3DMark benchmarking a few times with
no problems.

I can live with that bit of mucking around. Problem is that once it
has been running a while and the computer is shut down it just won't
display properly if it is restarted. All it will do is display
stripes - being a persistent bugger I tried turning it off, waiting a
few secs and turning it back on again about 30 times but no luck -
stripes, stripes and more damned stripes!!

The first time I had it running at 3.4v (really 3.36 - 3.38v according
to MM4) so thinking it may be heat related I dropped it back to 3.3v
yesterday (really low to mid 3.2's) but still the same thing happened.
It ran OK but would not display anything but stripes when turned back
on again after a few hours running. That I don't want to have to live
with as it's a bit of a pain...........