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June 25th 03, 08:37 AM
Thanks for the info. Are there 3rd party drivers that make the 4800 a
better card with DX9?

"YanquiDawg" > wrote in message
> It shows as a DX8 part.3DMark 03 is more for testing DX9 video cards.The
> doesn't support DX9.That's why your benchmark is only 1621.
> >I just ran the 3Dmark03 tests and scored "1621".
> >Is this a decent score?
> >
> >Also, why does nView show my DirectX at vr8.1 as I've installed DX
> >9.0a?

June 25th 03, 05:56 PM
Frode came up with this on 6/25/2003 2:37 AM:

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>>Thanks for the info. Are there 3rd party drivers that make the 4800 a
>>better card with DX9?
>It lacks the hardware support for DX9 specific functions. Drivers can't
>compensate for this.
The only "third party" drivers I've ever heard about for nVidia are the
Omega ones. And they're essentially just pre-tweaked drivers. There
may be drivers from nVidia that will make a 4800 function more
"compatibly" with DirectX 9 but it will never be "compliant".

From a TH article:

The features and capabilities of modern 3D chips mostly follow the
specification set forth in *Microsoft's Direct 3D standard*
<http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/default.asp>. This spec
dictates which features a chip must support to be considered "DX 9
compliant," meaning that it fulfills the entire specification. Note that
"DX 9 compatible," on the other hand, only means that DirectX 9 games
will run on the hardware in question, but not that all features are
supported! Once the spec becomes finalized, the chipmakers introduce new
chips that support these new features.

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