View Full Version : Second Monitor or TV or Both?

June 25th 03, 07:36 AM
The new computer has a GeForce4 MX440 card that works great for video
recording with S-Video output to the television.

I'd like to add a second lcd monitor to the setup, but with only one vga
output, the second monitor looks like it would need to come off either the
composite or s-video outputs. Ideally, I'd like to have the TV and second
lcd monitor displaying exctly the same thing

Should I get a composite-to-vga converter? (I'm guessing that the image
won't be as good as a regular vga connection. How horrible would it be?)

Or, could I install a second video card. (I have no idea what would happen
to my s-video connection if I did that; would I have a three-monitor setup?)

Or, should I forget it, get rid of the second monitor, even though it would
really be helpful to have it for work, and be pleased that the system is
working nicely as it is currently set up?

Thanks for any advice

June 26th 03, 10:35 PM
>Id get a second and third opinion but I would think that using the
composite and >svideo simultaneously would be an issue. And even if you
could convert >composite to VGA would you really want to? That would give

>image quality. Youd probably be better served with by having a card with
dual >vga outputs to do that.

Thanks; after doing more research, I'm starting to realize that I'm barking
up the wrong tree.

The other option would be to plug in a second video card, but I'm wondering
what happens to the tv outputs when I do that. Do you suppose I would lose
them, or would nView show the tv as a third monitor?

Also, in regards to system stability, how risky is it to introduce a second
video card? Would I be messing up a currently stable system? Is the risk
reduced by using a newer similar card?

Thanks again